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Five Health “Hacks” For Happy Holidays

Thanksgiving is behind us. We survived the stampede on “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”. A few of us even already have holiday decorations up. We’re not quite at the holiday “half way” mark. To help you make it across the finish line (into 2019!) happy, healthy, and well rested, we’ve collected these five simple health “hacks” that will help you make it through the holidays.

Life Insurance Facts to Consider

any of us take life insurance for granted. If your employer offers it to you, it’s probably something that you never stopped to review. If you don’t have it as an employee benefit when was the last time you reviewed your coverage.

It’s Summertime – Make Sure Your Staying Cool!

The weather is finally warming up.  You’ve taken off all of your layers, hats, scarves and gloves.  Now, you and your family are ready to enjoy the warm sun. But, have you thought about what it takes to stay safe from the hot sun during the summer months.

Let’s Take a Look at Medicare Prescription Part D Drug Plan

Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Program provides prescription drug coverage to eligible participants. Up until the implementation of Medicare Part D in 2006, Medicare did not cover the cost of self-administered prescription drugs. Since the gap in coverage was closed, Medicare Part D now has nearly 44 million enrollees. By taking a closer look, you can become better prepared for the next open enrollment period.

It’s Disability Awareness Month – Make Sure It’s Part of Your Plan for Facing the Unexpected

May is Disability Awareness Month, a reminder that it’s important to evaluate if disability insurance is part of your income protection plan.

Disability insurance provides financial protection at stressful time and is very different from other insurance products.

Help Your Doctor Help You

When your doctor asks you how you’re doing, he or she is not just being polite. Your doctor wants to know what’s going on in your life.

Going to the doctor isn’t fun, but not communicating with him or her can be a critical mistake.  That’s why it’s important to share what’s going on in your life.

Traveler’s Checklist: Protect Your Health While You Travel

Vacation season is just around the corner and now is the time to make sure that you are ready not just with your travel plans but with your health coverage.  Whether you’re traveling out of the country or staying stateside, you don’t want illness or injury to be part of your trip. Unfortunately, this unwelcome travel detour does happen. Before you start to pack, take steps to be prepared!

Great News! April 7 is National NO Housework Day

National No Housework Day is right around the corner on April 7 but before you jump at the chance of neglecting some of your usual homework or maintenance routines think twice!

It’s Tax Season! Are You Ready?

Filing season for the 2017 tax year is well underway. Many of us are still trying to pull our information together before we even begin the work of preparing and filing our taxes. At least we have a two-day reprieve. This year, the IRS moved the deadline to file returns to April 17 because the traditional filing date of April 15 falls on a Sunday. Emancipation Day — a legal holiday — will be observed Monday, April 16.

Commonly asked questions about life insurance

When it comes to thinking about life insurance, most people have more questions than answers…but what happens when you don’t even know what to ask? We thought we would help you start the conversation.

February is American Heart Month: We want you to take it to heart

Life is precious. Living a longer, healthier life is about taking control and following some suggestions offered by the American Heart Association.

Start the year with a review of your coverage needs

We all agree that we need health insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance or renters insurance and car insurance. However, when was the last time your reviewed your insurance needs to make sure there weren’t any gaps in your coverage?

Affordable Dental Insurance Plans

We have multiple dental plans at different levels of benefits to help you find the best dental insurance fit for your budget.

To get the coverage you need, click here.

Apps to help you manage your time and productivity in 2018

How many times have you thought about trying to keep yourself focused, determined to change a habit or just simply get a bit healthier.  Here are some apps that take you from growing a forest to running from the zombies – all in the name of helping you manage your time and stay on track!

Is it time for an annual insurance review?

When was the last time you reviewed your insurance?

Was it when you got married, had a baby, started your own business, retired, added a pet to your family, sent a kid off to college, finished your basement? Believe it or not, your insurance is probably out-of-date and it is time for a review. As a good rule of thumb, when there’s a change in your life, more likely than not, your insurance will need to change, too. And, that means it’s time to give us a call at 843-628-2981.