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What is Impaired Risk Life Insurance - Lighthouse Insurance Benefits

Impaired risk life insurance holds a unique place in our industry. And, we take on the cases that most agents don’t want to work on or don’t know how to work on.

 For us, impaired risk life insurance this is about understanding your disability or illness well enough so that we can present the facts to life insurance underwriters in such a way that they see why they should approve you. We want them to understand that approval at the best possible rate is a prudent choice for their company. It’s our job to make them want your business.


If you are someone suffering from among chronic conditions or illnesses such as 


  • type 1 or type 2 diabetes,
  • cancer,
  • high blood pressure,
  • heart disease and
  • seizure disorders,

then you need an insurance agent that can help you find a life insurance policy that will fit your unique needs.


Before an application is ever signed we have one or more of the industry’s best impaired risk insurance underwriters on board. They’re on our side and are going to do everything possible to see us all succeed.


Every single day there are hundreds of life insurance applications that are declined when they shouldn’t be. Every day there are hundreds of life insurance applications that are treated unfairly and approved at a rate that is higher than deserved. We are here to help you get your insurance application approved and treated fairly by one of the many carriers with whom we work.